Free Online Training from the Coaches Association of Saskatchewan

Hi Coaches, Even though our sport came to an abrupt end and we can’t be on the mat for the foreseeable future there is a great opportunity being offered by the Coaching Assoc. of Sask. to do NCCP multi sport modules for Intro to Comp A & B (Comp-Int).

See this link for the modules being offered: June 30th, 2020, Coaches Association of Saskatchewan members will receive a full refund of the workshop fee following the successful completion of the trainingor can request a registration coupon by emailing 

Note: Must be a Saskatchewan resident to qualify for refunds or coupons.

Basically, a coach has to join the CAS ($20 cost) to be eligible to take the modules for free. As far as we understand the program now, if coaches complete all of the multi-sport-modules, they would just have to do the technical A & B in order to challenge for certification. We can offer the technical over a one day period in fall. Just a reminder that if coaches take multi-sport modules they should always do the tasks from a wrestling perspective (ex. Emergency action plan, practice plans, etc.) so that they can submit them when challenging certification. For those coaches that have taken the Intro to Comp A & B and are interested in certification this would be a good time to contact SAWA and register. At that time, an evaluator could do the paperwork check and leave the practice observation until it is feasible. 

Let us know if you have any questions at